Funeral Home Essay

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Death, people are afraid of dying, me I was accustomed to death. my family owned a funeral home since they first came to america in the 1800s. It was a normal day at the funeral home, boring as all hell. One thing that you never really think about is what funeral homes do when they are not having funerals? The answer is paperwork, a lot of it, in fact. The paperwork usually ended up being me and mom doing paperwork and dad being the owner of the only funeral home in town was usually swamped with arrangements. Today was an off day a Monday though which meant leaving mom with the paperwork and me heading off to school. It was my senior year and I was looking forward to graduating.
“Bye hun; have fun at school”, said my mother a slender but
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“What are these, Are they like insurance forms for my car because I shouldn’t sign them without my parents”,I said reading through them.

“No I’m afraid it’s you death contract standard issue, two years purgatory with visit from other deceased loved ones then judgment.”, Said the old man with a frown on his face “I might be able to get you express forms on account of you age” he said
“What I’m not dead I didn’t even hit the tree that hard”, I said with a puzzled look on my face.
“Look at your car kid just don’t make this more difficult than it has to be”, I Old man said obviously getting annoyed with me. I looked back at my car and saw my body in the drivers seat.
“NO, no that’s not right I didn 't even hit the tree that hard I can’t be dead i’m only eighteen”, I choked out tears streaming down my face
“All right kid don’t cry I hate when they cry I’ve got a proposition for you.” The man aid trying his best to comfort me.
“Why should I listen to you this is all you fault what are you.” I lashed out at the man.
“ Isn’t obvious to you kid I’m Death and I want to offer you a job.” Death
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I was just so tired from today I wanted it to be tomorrow. When I woke up the next day I checked the list Death gave me. There were Seven names on the list one for each day I thought to myself. The first name was Patty Schmelt and the location was the nursing home. At least she’s had a long life I thought. I got up to leave deciding to wear my suit it seemed to be the right thing to do. I ran down stairs and out the door hoping to finish it before school started. It I thought to myself how was ending a life. When I got to the funeral home it seemed that everyone knew what i was here for. I walked up to the front desk.
“Hello Miss can I have the room for Patty Schmelt.”,I ask the front desk women
“Family or friend”, the women said
“Family”, I said
“Room forty two you have as long as you want today is a free day”, the women said to me with a reassuring look
“She doesn’t seem to have that many visitors and I don 't think she has much longer’ she said
“Yeah, I know that’s why I’m here”, I said
“How nice of you” She said
“Yeah sure” I said
I walked as fast as I could to room Forty two as I could without running. I got the door and