Freedom, Unity and Aspiration for a Classless Society in J.O. Francis' Birds of a Feather

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Introduction: The time of writing and performance of the one act comedy, Birds of a Feather by J.O. Francis, act as an effective background behind creation of this drama. The first performance of the play was provided by the Welsh Society on 2nd March 1923 at the London School of Economics (Francis 106). Almost a century prior to this time industrial revolution occurred in the English society, introducing drastic changes at different levels of the English socio-cultural aspects. Effects of these changes were not so strikingly realized till inception of the 20th century. Separation from nature, division of the society in name of class and status and abundant growth of urban culture created huge impact over lifestyle of common English people in such a manner that was never experienced before. Literature became an effective medium that mirrored the frustration generated from increasingly isolated social existence of English commoners. The Birds of a Feather is one such brilliant instance, encompassing all these aspects. Despite entire flow of events in this drama occurs in a comical manner, the audience clearly receives the impression that how people in the modern society are tired of surviving in a hypocritical manner, forgetting essential spontaneity of their nature. This one act comedy by J.O. Francis has beautifully reflected over the theme of individual freedom, spontaneous urge for social unity irrespective of all the differentiating aspects and finally basic human aspiration to enjoy living in a classless society. Symbolism, Choice of backdrop and Thematic Appeal: The playwright’s choice of Welsh as background of the drama signifies his desire to remain in close proximity with natural existence. Consequently, through... ... middle of paper ... ...their social and cultural entities. The play has metaphorically emphasized over the eternal artistic realization that proper appreciation of individual freedom, social harmony and a classless existence can only make the situation better for people. Works Cited Denver, John. “Sweet Surrender”. n.d. available at: Retrieved on: 17th December, 2009 Donohue, Joseph W., Thomson, Peter, Kershaw, Baz, and Milling, Jane,. The Cambridge History of British Theatre: Since 1895 / edited by Baz Kershaw. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2004 Francis, J.O. The Birds of a Feather (Source: Twenty-Four One-Act Plays). Vancouver: READ BOOKS, 2008 Kozlenko, William,. The one-act play today: a discussion of the technique, scope & history of the contemporary short drama. New Hampshire: Ayer Publishing, 1970

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