Freedom And Disappointment In 'The Story Of An Hour'

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The desire for freedom comes with a price and disappointment. In “The Story of an Hour” reflects in the characterization (Mrs. Mallard) whose growing awareness that life without her husband might be more liberating than life with him. As the story unfolds, the calamity of news was brought to Mrs. Mallard of the railroad disaster. The idea of Freedom and Disappointment has been projected in a way that gives a reader the understanding about marriage and emotional regression, confinement, time and freedom. The title itself shows and reflects so many things can happen within a single hour. In this story, the thought of death brought regrets, grief, seclusion, guilt and fear. Fear was the legitimate emotions and feeling that brought on circumstances in the face of a deadly railroad disaster. However, the story was proven that death can bring joy, hope, freedom, disappointment and self-independence. In her mind, fear threatened to overwhelm her with questions. The quality of life for her implies there were restraints of hindrance, no openness and not having the quality of being free without generosity. As…show more content…
Later, she realizes that it was all a dream of hope and freedom. The crushing disappointment kills her. The price of Freedom always comes with a price. Sometimes it comes with the frustration, non-fulfilment of desires or even expectation through disappointment. The agony of defeat happens to Mrs. Mallard. According to the narrator, her heart could not take the shock of seeing her husband alive ‘again.’ The question is ask what eventually kills Mrs. Mallard? The reader can conclude that the thought of living with her husband now has shattered the paradox of freedom to a bitter disappointment. Through her imagination, the idea was to be happy living without him. Sadly, the desire for freedom came with a costly price which was proven to be a

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