Free Speech: Freedom Of Speech

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Guiding Question: Should we be able to express anything we feel? Side A believes we should be censored and limited on what we can say. Other people believe we should be able to speak freely and express ourselves no matter where we are. They believe that we should be able to say what we feel even if it offends people.They also suppose that we are protected by the amendment and have the right to have freedom of expression whether it 's verbally or through our body language. These people want for everyone to speak their minds and don 't believe being censored would make anything better. This side is against being told what they can say and where they can say it. They believe this amendment was made for a reason and should stay the way it is…show more content…
Freedom of speech allows you to debate about a problem rather than getting in a physical confrontation. Freedom of speech is what people believe you need to solve something that 's problematic. People suppose freedom of speech is very much needed because without it we would be censored from speaking our mind meaning we can 't say what we want on social media or in person. We would be restrained and have to listen to rules on what we can and can 't say in certain places in the U.S. People use freedom of speech to express that murder ,abortion, or even racism is okay and acceptable. People express these things because they are protected by the right to freedom of speech and they can 't be put in jail for it. The 1st amendment gives people the opportunity to argue that our government is corrupt because they can and will express their opinions on certain topics. Being able to speak your mind lets you stand up for what you feel is right. People exercising their 1st amendment right lets them stand up to rude teachers, bullies, cyberbullies, police officers, government, and just an out of control person on the street without having to physically fight…show more content…
I agree with with exercising your right to freedom of speech. I believe we should have the right to freedom of speech and we shouldn’t be censored from what we can say and where we can say it. In my opinion this amendment is one of the most valuable ones. This amendment allows you to speak your mind and lets you express your ideas to the world. The reason i think freedom of speech shouldn 't be censored is because we use it in everyday life. Without the freedom of speech we wouldn 't be able to say certain words in public without being prosecuted by an officer. We must take advantage of our freedom of speech because unlike North Korea we can say whatever we feel like. North Korea is one of the most censored countries and they don 't have the freedom us Americans have. I believe hearing of other people 's ideas can make you more productive. You can let your opinions be heard without the fear of being addressed by authority. We live in a country where freedom of press is everywhere. Freedom of press is in books, magazines, billboards, and journals. I believe freedom of speech is an amendment that will always be exercised and will always be
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