Forms of Achievement Motivation

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Forms of Achievement Motivation Achievement motivation comes in different forms. One such form is the desire to win. Another form of motivation to achieve a goal is the fear of losing. Being a high achiever depends on how you set your goals and what your motivation is. It also depends on how you were raised. People can change their view of achievement depending on outside factors. I coach weightlifting at a high school. There is a wide range of views within athletes on how high they set their goals. First off, I had to observe each individual lifter’s behavior and how they adapt to positive and negative feedback. Since they were not yet comfortable as a team, I would have to motivate them separately for my first test. I wanted to bring them together as a team so I could see the results in bulk and motivate them as a team. In order to do this, I had to try to make them friends. One way I decided I could do that, was to get them mad at me and the other coach. This would bring them together and ultimately show respect for us. We made the lifters do all sorts of different exercises that they despised. This way they would complain to each other and have a basis of agreement. This showed that they all had something in common; a strong dislike of the routine we had made them become accustomed to. Now that they had become a close team, I could further motivate them as one unit, instead of going after each lifter individually. The first meet of the season was one of our rivals, and we decided to use this rivalry to our advantage on getting the athletes excited. I told the kids that we were much better than the other team. Many of the lifters took this as a sign that they didn’t have to workout as hard as normal, because it would be a sure victory. Little did they know, that the other team was just as good as us. Our team lost that meet. Many of the kids were mad that they lost against their rival. The next day at practice, I told them that they would see this team later on in the year, but we needed to focus on our next meet. As it came closer to the meet against our rival, I told them how we needed to work harder then ever to beat this team.
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