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For Your Entertainment The sports of today are significantly more brutal, serious and competitive than they ever have been in the past. Athletes in these sports go to great lengths to be called a champion in their sport and some are willing to cross the line and cheat their way to the top. In competitive sports, rules are laid out to level the playing field keep the sport fair so there can be no chance of a person taking advantage of something that not everyone can be expected to do. Steroids and other performance enhancing techniques are prime examples of athletes using specific illegal drugs to enhance their physical performance and give them greater probability of winning and some in the industry would want to keep it this way, mostly because they would profit from more powerful athletes on the fields. The downfalls of steroids makes it painfully obvious that not everyone can be forced to use steroids to compete and thus these substances must be banned and tested heavily to keep these competitions as fair as possible. Steroids come in different forms and styles, the more popular versions are the classic steroids that most are familiar with while others like blood doping and even genetic modification are newcomers on the field. These drugs can have medical side effects that range from life threatening mental and physical effects to very non-lethal things like bad breath and baldness. The real hard hitting impact that juiced up professional athletes have is on the children who idolize their favorite players and heros. These children can end up using steroids before their body is even fully developed and it can even cause the adolescent body to stop developing all together. The way sports organizations go about testing for these... ... middle of paper ... ...ught to the fact that he was cheating the sport he loved but also accounts out meticulous he was about keeping it a secret. Lenpendorf, Dan. “How Does Steroid Testing Actually Work?”. The Hardball Times., 30 August 2012. Web. 11 November 2013 This article completely explains steroid testing and how most tests are failed and why that isn’t always a real problem. Dan writes a very informative article about the different tests used in Major League Baseball and he accurately portrays steroid testing in major sports and shows how tests can still be fooled. He does not overload the reader with facts and jargon but rather explains everything he says nicely and in laymen terms. Throughout the article he takes the time to explain the chemistry and mechanics of the test and how it actually catches the cheaters This makes the article a good read and makes it very informative.

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