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Good afternoon/morning ladies and gentlemen. Today I will be talking about a classic novel by Ernest Hemmingway called For Whom the Bell Tolls written in 1940. The story is about a young American called Robert Jordan, who is with the anti-fascist guerilla team in the Spanish Civil War. Robert’s special skill involves the use of explosives, and in the book his mission is to destroy a bridge, so others can attack a city called Segovia.

A classic novel and genre is something that can be related to modern life, as soon as it does not relate, it usually stops being a classic. However for a book to stay a classic the writer has to be a good, successful writer and people have to appreciate his books and what he is writing about and why. For Whom the Bell Tolls is partly based on Hemmingway’s own experiences, and after For Whom the Bell Toll’s was published, Hemmingway became one of America’s foremost writers.

I think that For Whom the Bell Tolls is a classic because it is a story of The Spanish Civil War, and basically war in general. People can always relate to it as long as a war is happening, so at the moment given the fact of the Iraq war, people can relate to the book. One reason the book became so popular so quickly is because the Second World War came soon after the book was published.

The style that Ernest Hemmingway writes in is different from some other writers for his time. Hemmingway does not drone on and on, instead there is always something going on, some piece of action happening, or a piece of action being planned out. One main difference with Hemmingway’s style is that in For Whom the Bell Toll’s, the story constantly switches between characters. By doing it this way, the reader’s see more aspects of what is going on, and they know what each character is doing in a more detailed way.

The kind of language that Hemmingway uses is simple; however the characters in the book sometimes speak different languages. In some parts of the book however, the language seems extremely old fashioned, and some characters use words like “thou” and basically old English words. Apart from that, the structures of Hemmingway’s sentences are simple to understand.

People can relate to the book because they can imagine what it is like for the characters, and they get some idea of what the setting is like.

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