Florida’s Incompetent Capital Punishment System

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Many times when watching television, we see horrible news about a crime committed, which is most likely is not in self-defense. The first thing that comes to our minds; this person is going to receive the death penalty. First-degree murder triggers our emotions to see justice. Even in a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty, we are quick to pass judgment and convict the suspect in question. With technology so advanced in the United States where we can receive the news even into our phones, many times the accused do not received a fair trial. On the other hand, the incompetence of lawyers has created great doubt on the delivery of justice. Additionally, by eliminating the capital punishment will help alleviate the financial hardship the State of Florida is facing. Therefore, the capital punishment system should be abolished.

Since the 1600, capital punishment existed. When found guilty, a jury decides if the person will receive life in prison or the death penalty. The first method of death penalty used was to hang the accused. The witnesses protested that it was shocking to watch a person die by asphyxiation; therefore, many years later, the system approved the implementation of the electric chair. The outcome after the first electric chair execution was a disaster, much more gruesome than by hanging. Lastly, the capital punishment system approved the lethal injection.

As the years have passed, the main complaint is still the same; it is inhumane to electrocute a person. The state of Florida allows the condemned to choose his/her method of execution. Choices are the electric chair or the lethal injection, which is the main selected method by the convicted. In the book America’s Experiment with Capital Punishm...

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...f the actions of the accused; however, if the accused is innocent, but convicted, and murder by the death penalty system, how would he/she receive justice?

Many people have become victims of a system that does not work. Many of the wrongfully accused have spent years in state institutions waiting for a decision to be overturned or simply waiting for execution. The years spend in a maximum secure institution; no monetary compensation will be enough.

One wrongful executing is too many. Supporters insist in new ruling to speed the conviction process and the sentence be carried out. In the process, let us not forget the ones

who are wrongful accused. A murder done as a crime or killing done by the government has the

same result. Someone will end up dead like has happened in many cases. The capital punishment system simply does not work; everyone pays for it.
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