Flappers Stereotypes

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Heaven Leigh
English 3
27 May 2014
Flappers were women who were characterized by their choice of bobbed hair, short skirts, and their enjoyment of jazz music. Flappers usually had bobbed hair styles, usually wore heavy make-up, loose fitted dresses and to be considered the perfect flapper they usually had a pale skin tone. The roaring 20s was a time of change in which the way society had chosen to view women. This was the beginning of the "flapper". A flapper was a woman who was extremely willing at parties with little to nothing as far as regret went. They’d tend to smoke, drink, dance, drive cars, have casual sex and usually couldn't hold onto a man. Flappers usually feigned to do everything the men would do while attending parties. While thinking of flappers, Chicago would have been a very common place to find them.
Flappers usually didn’t pride themselves on adultery because it was frowned upon throughout the book, but Myrtle and Daisy both committed adultery. Myrtle cheated on her husband George with Tom Buchanan. “What I say is, why go on living with them if they can’t stand them? If I was them, I’d get a divorce and get married to each other right away. (Was said by Catherine, Myrtle’s sister, describing her and Tom’s relationship, in the book, The Great Gatsby, on page 32). Meanwhile, Daisy cheated on Tom Buchanan with Gatsby (whose real name was Jay Gats). “I glanced at Daisy, who as staring terrified between Gatsby and he husband.”(Was described by Nick Carraway in the book The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald on page 134.)
“The bar is full of swing and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alive with...

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... caused uproar in society (although they tended to do so along the way), the Flapper was, and still is, the biggest symbol of the loud and modern youth of the 1920’s. Their blunt personality about the sexual desire their feigned for created a new emotional and sexual culture for women, and new beginnings for both the male and female relationship. Flappers have had a major impact over the decades. They are still influencing women to this day. As they shook the social formation and the traditional female roles, they took pride in showing women across the globe that being submissive could only harm the potentially remarkable female. In other words, the Flapper created a new youth identity but not only in the United States, also in Europe and Russia. The older generation was all well familiar with the “Flaming Youth” and the desire it lead on to be free and at will.
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