Finding Personal Identity in Rumspringa in the Film Devil's Playground

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The concept of culture spurs many individuals to study, understand, and obtain knowledge of certain customs, values, standards, and rituals that create another perspective to empathetically grasp, and each relatable truth, discovered by its researcher, can establish foundational, inalienable traits to argument the researcher’s identity. Each human is elected to be a researcher of culture with or without the knowledge of the research, but ironically, identity is not a firm state of being; it is continually shaped and molded after each new experience. The Amish society is not the exception from the foundational consistencies of culture and identity, and furthermore, this society, akin to other cultural entities, has created an interesting form of identity exploration from a rite of passage known as Rumspringa. Consequently, Rumspringa relies on thin layers of accountability with many standards, which inevitably, induces negative consequences to an adolescent’s search for personal identity affirmations.
Identity is fragilely within a constant spectrum of change and development, yet the Amish culture has chosen to be oblivious to harmful manipulations between parental authorities and the adolescents within their budding youth. Adolescence is a period of overwhelming expansion, physically and mentally, and instruction, with clear foundations of moderation, can ultimately equip a troubled teenager with the proper tools to unlock facets of untapped potential. The Amish culture limits this search for identity, and adversely, ill-equips their adolescents to combat definite crises within the confusing realms of identity exploration. Additionally, the church, founded under the Amish culture, invokes powerful penalties for individuals that a...

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...viduals yearns to comprehend the source of these interesting silhouettes, so without further delay, he seizes the opportunity to discern that these silhouettes originated from a cave entrance from a stunning world of colorful clarification and enchantment with impressive indigo skies, crisp vegetation, and wondrous creatures scouring the outskirts of this mysterious new realm. He comes to the conclusion that he must inform his peers of this new realm of knowledge, mystery, and wonderment, but upon his arrival and explanation of this discovery. Unfortunately, upon his return, his colleagues politely ask him to return to his seat. The power of a new perspective can create enlightenment and joy, but consequently, those satisfied for the commonality of their cultural existence may omit an opportunity to fully embrace and comprehend a crucial change within their identity.