Film Analysis: Movie Review: 12 Angry Men

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It takes courage to make a chance and you have to stand up for what you believe in. At least, that is the message I got after I watched this amazing movie. 12 Angry Men, a debut film of its producer, is an American drama film that was released on 1957. This movie which was directed by Sidney Lumet is consists of twelve men having a conversation in a room for most of the time. The running time of the film is ninety six minutes. But even only with conversation, the film can create an intense situation. And in my opinion, this film is totally going in my list as one of the best films I have ever seen. The film starts with the shot of the courthouse from outside and slowly going inside the building to a room where a trial for an 19-year-old slum…show more content…
It gives the impression that he is different with the others and seems more angelic while the others are evil. The way the director shot the film also giving an impression that jury number eight excluded from the others. After he voted not guilty for the first time the audience can only see the back of jury number eight, meanwhile everyone is looking at him, it seems like jury number eight is being cornered because of that angle. Throughout the film he also keeps saying about possibility that might happen which shows us that he is an open minded man, he opens to any possibility on the case, while the other jurors are having a hard time to accept it, especially they are already blinded by the fact that the boy is coming from slum area. But jury number eight is not influenced at all by the fact that the boy is coming from slum area, or the fact that the boy was abused as a…show more content…
He is a stubborn man and furious most of the time unlike jury number eight who is calm. He has a relationship problem with his son and wreaks his anger and feeling toward his son to the defendant. He fight furiously that the defendant is guilty from the start, even until everyone else already think that the boy is not guilty. In the end he realizes that he only insists that the boy is guilty because of his own anger and disappointment toward his son. He is stuck in his own prejudice. In the end he changes his verdict to not

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