Figurative Language In A Long Way Down

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Poetry conveys emotions and ideas through words and lines. Long Way Down gives the story about a boy named Will, who wants to avenge his brother. He believes that a guy named Riggs killed his brother. He takes his brother’s gun and leaves his family’s apartment on the eighth floor. On the way down the elevator, he is stopped at each floor and a ghost from his past gets on. Through poetry, the reader sees why Will believes he must kill who he thinks killed his brother. Through big picture analysis and close critical analysis of one of the poems in this book, one can see that this author has written a poetic masterpiece. The poetry in this story paints a picture that is not achieved in other forms of written communication. The author uses mostly …show more content…

One would categorize this poem as a free verse poem. This poem contains a simile, “five cigarettes puncturing the sheet of smoke like headlights in heavy fog” (lines 3-6), and a metaphor, “the cigarette meant for him was burning in my stomach, filling me with stinging fire” (lines 12-16). Both are figures of speech; he knows the difference between cigarettes and headlights and his brother’s cigarette does not actually burn in his stomach. The author fits some imagery in this short poem, such as “the orange glow of five cigarettes puncturing the sheet of smoke like headlights in heavy fog” (lines 2-4), showing a visual description of the moment. The reader feels as Will does, with the phrase, “burning in my stomach, filling me with stinging fire” (lines 13-16). The author has selected details that add to the heavy mood of the poem, words such as “puncturing” (line 3), “sheet of smoke” (line 4), “heavy fog” (line 6), and “cloud” (line 10). The author uses these on purpose to give the reader the feeling of the suffocating smoke in the elevator. This poem does not have any alliteration, assonance, or consonance, but it still has the poetic flow to it that separates poems from plain words. In this poem, the author changes syntax in the phrase, “Shawn hadn’t lit one, became invisible in the cloud” (lines 8-10). This draws the readers attention to the fact that Will has not yet gotten over his

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