Fighting Rising College Tuition Costs

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Declining state support, educational race for top rankings, uneven financial aid, or economy downfall: there are reasons all across the board as to why the cost of college tuition is getting out of hand. Envision a senior girl whose heart had been set on her dream college for years. An elite, honorable college where everyone seems to want to go. She has been telling her parents from an early age she was going to one day be a member. While on a visit to the college in late fall of her senior year, she fell in love with the beautiful campus which seemed to spread for miles. The advisers and professors she met with were polite and unquestionably convincing. Her favorite part of the visit was seeing how happy all of the current students seemed to look with their college decision. Overall, she believed she had found her home for the next four years. She went home excited to tell her parents the good news. This is where the excitement soon ended. 35,000 dollars a year was the outrageous sticker price for her dream college. Her parents said there was no way possible they could ever afford to send her. Tears started flooding down her face; her dreams were crushed. Now what was she going to do? Where was she going to go? Although this story has been made up, similar situations like these are arising more and more often. College tuition has reached an all time high; with the economy in its current standings, there needs to be solutions so every young adult has an equal opportunity to go to college.

No one disputes the importance of a college education in today’s job market. Society has taken on a much higher demand for the well educated. With this being a growing trend, why does it seem colleges are trying to make gettin...

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...ons need to be fulfilled if results are to be seen in the pocketbooks of every young adult looking for an equal opportunity to go to college.

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