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Fashion has an ability to transform an image and make social statement. To most fashion is a form of art, while others being a religion. Throughout history there have been many renowned fashion embellishment and fabric manipulation techniques used by many designers that have shaped the name of fashion and influenced many to this day. This essay investigates fashion embellishment and fabric manipulation techniques and trends of 1920s including socioeconomic factors.. Furthermore, this essay will also analyze the current fashion embellishment techniques and fabric manipulation trends including socioeconomic factors .Firstly the essay will commence with drawing upon the historical era of 1920’s key embellishment techniques : fringing and beading and fabric manipulation techniques: pleats and gathers including socioeconomic factors. Secondly the essay will also commence withdrawing upon current fashion embellishment techniques such as fabrican and fabric manipulation such as draping, including socioeconomic factors. Thirdly, this essay will consist of a brief comparison of both 1920’s and current embellishment techniques and fabric manipulation and drawing upon current designers who have utilized the techniques used. Lastly the essay will commence with how both 1920’s and current era of fashion embellishment technique has remained to be successful in the industry today. 1920’s saw a dramatic change in fashion; it was the period of the Flapper movement that revolutionized their society and dressing was openly based on comfort. It also saw key influences of flapper icon Louise Brook’s who style consisted of bobbed hair; short low-waist dresses with pleats and gathers and embellishments which consisted of beading and fringing. This s... ... middle of paper ... ...ruct unique and innovative garments. Although not many designers have adopted this product its yet to be out in the market. This product has created many open doors for future designers to take on board this product and create innovative garments which will transform fashion industry. In conclusion both the 1920’s and current fashion trends of embellishment and fabric manipulation saw unique creativeness and style. The 20’s Flapper movement which consisted of fringes, beading , sequins, gather and pleating resemblance of the Art Deco movement adding texture to the garment, while today’s current fashion technology known as Fabrican has revolutionized fashion making it time efficient and speeding up garment construction process. But most importantly it was both the 1920’s and current fashion that has worked successfully in the fashion industry and used to this day.

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