Fascism Essay

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Some wonder, What is Fascism? Where did Fascism take place? Fascism is a political ideology that was in power starting after World War 1. The war ended in 1918 and fascism took over in Italy in 1919. Causing a lot of problems and war, Fascism slowly moved into Europe and took control. Fascism was agreeable but also not agreeable. When the ideology Fascism was in Italy, it was successful.
Fascism is an ideology ruled by a dictator. “Fascism as an ideology is anti-Marxist in its militarization of culture, society, and the economy and its rejection of social reforms as a means to create community” (Darity 103). Fascism is usually ruled by a dictator. The dictator rules the whole government and all of the people plus their lives. Disagreeing with the government and their decisions was not allowed. This ideology is very harshly controlled. “Fascism was partially developed in Italy and became fully developed in Germany as a reaction against the unrestrained liberal capitalism of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which promoted individualism over communal organization” (Darit...

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