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Book Review: Family Life by Akhil Sharma The novel “Family Life”, written by Akhil Sharma, is a sorrowful story that follows a family that had moved from Delhi. Akhil does an amazing job narrating the families’ ups and downs throughout the story. Even though the story has a heartbreaking background, he does a phenomenal job managing to keep the reader’s attention. There were points where the book was so hard to put down, because of the suspense of what is going to happen next. The story is told masterfully, from the dialog and actions of the characters, to the beautiful description of the scenery of the story. When your reading “Family Life”, it’s almost as you’re watching this heart-stopping story unfold right in front of your very eyes.…show more content…
The Mishra’s had everything going great after moving, they all somewhat got along, even though the parents fought I would still say they are a loving family. Birju going into a coma changed everything though, Ajay, Shuba, and Mr. Mishra were always at each other’s necks taking care of him. It tore the mother apart seeing her son like this, Ajay continued to get amazing grades just to hear her dismay, she even said to him, “If Birju were all right, I would tell you to get out. I’d tell you to leave right now. Go with your stupid grades and die.” (Sharma 175) Akhil does a great job narrating how much this actually tore his family apart, his father had turned into a full blown alcoholic who hated him and his mother. Ajay always prayed for his brother to get better but as time went on he rarely did anymore, even though he was very religious. As time went on Ajay continued his studies and managed to get accepted into Princeton, while his family pretty much gave up on their entire life except for taking care of Birju. Akhil shows the perseverance of Ajay, yes he was always terribly down about his brother but he didn’t let that from always working on his

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