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VARK Analysis Paper NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotion Lorraine Hover Baljinder Wahla June 29, 2014 A learning style is a way that a person adapts to learn a task. Learning styles were not used until the 1970’s. To evaluate a student’s learning style, several models, assessments and exams are used for interpretation. There are two types of students who use more than one learning style. There are some who use the learning style according to the situation. Others adapt different styles to process the information by different means .Though it takes them longer to put together information or prepare the subject, their knowledge become more thorough and they tend to have better understanding of the subject. According to VARK my learning style is multimodal. About 60% of people fall in this category as per data. In multi modal learning style it is necessary to provide variety of learning of methods of a specific subject giving them opportunity to choose what fits to their level. This could consist of text with instructions, audio stating the skill, a video demonstrating the skill, advice on how to improve skills or doing a self-assessment. In these type of styles, students or learners uses different styles, as one learning style is not enough to provide the all sufficient knowledge For example, Patient A used the VARK analysis; Visual, Aural, Read/write, Kinesthetic and Multimodal. This analysis was produced by Neil Fleming. This method was helpful in understanding the preferred learning styles for Patient A. Patient A took the VARK 16 question-exam and determined which learning styles were defined. This article describes the learning style for Patient A, comparing preferred learning strategies to the identified strategies, an... ... middle of paper ... comes before experience it doesn 't make sense right away,” by Richard David Bach born 1936. Patient A being a Type Two learner used every sense. For writing this article and understanding about VARK, Patient A made a list of what needed to be done, highlighted them in colors, watched videos about VARK, searched and gathered information from the internet for better understanding. References Fleming, N. (2012). VARK. In A Guide to Learning styles. Retrieved September 21, 2013, from The Foundation for a Better Life. (2013). Inspirational Quotes. In Learning. Retrieved September 21, 2013, from Wikipedia. (2013). Learning styles. In Learning Style. Retrieved September 21, 2013, from

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