Failure Personal Narrative

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Everyone in life experiences failure. It can affect people positively or negatively and that all depends on how they react to the experience. If one lets their failure overcome their dreams, it will lead them in the wrong path. But if one views their failures as a motive to succeed and grow, then they are on their way to becoming successful. For me, I let my failures in life help build onto my character and define the person I am today. My childhood injury is my example as I let this moment affect the outcome of my dreams I had then. It was simple, at first thought, my career was over. As I was rushed to the hospital, I thought I was never going to play football again. The pain was so unbearable, that every bump in the road would sent a shooting pain throughout my leg. I was for certain that I would never return the field again. …show more content…

They then sent me to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia where I would receive most of my treatment. At this moment, I was reminded with the memories of all the seasons I spent playing football. I grew up in this football program. For 5 years I have been competing on the field against local towns. I have enjoyed every second of it and for it to be over in less then a second was a devastating thought for an 11 year old. My injury was an accident, but I viewed it as a failure. Not only have I believed I failed my team and parents, I thought I failed myself. I had a goal for myself and that was to bring a championship to the program. But for it to end so suddenly caused negativity to fly around in my head, constantly bringing me down. I let my “failure” affect me mentally and a result of that, I was

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