Failure: How has humanity poisoned our Mother?

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Imagine waking up one morning and looking out of your window only to find the Earth stripped of its vegetation, thick clouds of smog filled with death floating by your window, and your neighbor struggling to the fetch the newspaper because he has been stricken with an incurable illness or disease, all because humanity has failed to be a good steward to the Earth. But what does it mean to be a good steward to the Earth? A good steward who cares for the Earth is one who does her part to take care of the Earth and encourages others to do the same. A good steward for the Earth is conscious of how her lifestyle adds to the disruption of Earth’s atmospheric balance. Furthermore, to be a good steward for the Earth means that an individual protects her environment by choosing ecological options like using public transportation and buying merchandise with biodegradable packaging. It is important to be a good steward for the Earth because today’s actions are molding the Earth that future generations will inherit. Consequently, it is important because future generations will struggle to live in an environment depleted of its natural resources such as air, water, trees, coal, natural gas, and oil. It is also important to be a good steward because failure to do so will result in a quicker usage of the previously mentioned resources. When I begin to think of how the Earth has already been affected by humanity’s refusal to be a good steward, I feel helpless because I cannot control how my neighbor pollutes the Earth. Although I cannot control the doings of my neighbor, I am fully capable of examining my own lifestyle and making changes. I feel fearful and horrified because I think about how the future of this planet will be for my children, gran... ... middle of paper ... ...s that even though the ointment would help relieve the symptoms, the rash would have to run its course. So over the next few weeks, I patiently awaited the disappearance of the hideous patches. When the rash finally vanished, everything returned to normal. I was no longer teased about being “the girl with the polka dots”. During that experience, I was happy and relieved when the rash went away, as that was the only thing I could think about daily. Now that I have been informed of and understand the carcinogenicity of the medicine I was prescribed, I am alarmed. I feel that we were simply pacified with a medicine that could have done more harm than good if I had to continue its use for longer than what was required. I feel deceived because of all medicines, my dermatologist selected one with known carcinogenic properties and the FDA allowed such product to be issued.
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