Failed Coup D’état Attempts By Hugo Chavez

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Plan of Investigation

Venezuela was almost at the end of a period of more than 30 years of stable democratic rule. On February 1988, President Perez was elected for his second term. Venezuela had an export economy which heavily relied on high international oil prices; in the 1980’s there was a decline of oil prices which gave the government a strong strain in public spending. The economy was on its way to crashing which led to an increase of the economic gap in the country as well as in the military. Also there were many suspicions of corruption inside the government, with President Perez leading.
How did the two failed 1992 coup d’état attempts led by Hugo Chavez help his political career? This investigation will answer the question by analyzing the result of the rwo failed coups; first, that the coups exposed the corruption, failures and weakness of President Perez and his government; second, that the coups presented an image to the Venezuelan people of a dynamic, charismatic and populist leader in the person of Chavez. The most important sources used will be contemporary press accounts, Chavez’s speech and reactions from ordinary Venezuelan people at the time.

This investigation will only asses the period between 1990 and 1998 in order to account for Chavez’s rise to power.

Summary of Evidence

Venezuela had experienced an interrupted civilian democratic rule from 1958 until 1992; with the exception to some minor coup attempts in the early 60s, but the country’s elected leaders were able to keep the military loyal and a democratic government in place.
Venezuela has one of the biggest oil reserves in the world, so they heavily on relied on high prices of oil in the international market for their export. When the price ...

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...tions of 1999 when he won with his political group, the PSUV.

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