F. Scott Fitzgerald

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During America’s Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work was centered around the lifestyle of glamor and partying, something he was used to (Magill 955). Developing a reputation for drinking, this author was famous for his personal life just as much as his writing (Oakes). Best known for his novel “The Great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald endures trials as well as achievements. To better understand F. Scott Fitzgerald, one must examine his personal life, works, and worldviews.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota on September 24, 1896, Fitzgeralds’ only wish was to be accepted. He attended school at Princeton, where he developed an interest in writing poetry, skits, and musical comedies (“F. Scott Fitzgerald” 190). He also saw drinking as a competition and pretended to be more intoxicated than he really was to get attention. He left Princeton in 1917 with no degree and joined the army, becoming a non combatant officer. While stationed in Montgomery, Alabama, Fitzgerald met Zelda Sayre, who had a “free-spirited” attitude he admired. They fell in love, but due to a lack of money,...
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