Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life

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Extra-terrestrial Life The thought of infinite space is a scary and exciting thought. The thought that stars, planets, and even suns exist beyond the sights of our strongest telescopes is a very intriguing thought. Some theories suggest parallel universes exist while others suggest that intelligent life is living exactly the way humans on earth live today on far away planets. Perhaps the most frightening and yet thrilling thought of all is the thought of extraterrestrial life amongst the stars, visiting earth, and every so often, being spotted or caught on camera. These interactions are considered extremely rare and witnesses to the events refer to themselves as lucky. Religions have even been created at the thought of aliens. The search for It is a remote Air Force base in northwest Nevada just 83 miles from the outskirts of Las Vegas. It’s no secret that the testing performed within the confines of Area 51 is meant to be kept from the public. Types of tests range from reverse engineering to experimental aircraft and weapons. The idea of UFO’s and aliens kept in the base for testing was an idea planted in to the minds of Americans many years ago. In fact, in most movies containing extraterrestrial activities, more times than not the actors mention Area 51. Why these experiments are kept secret, no one knows, but what people believe is that the testing taken place there is not only on weapons and new vehicles. These tests include autopsies on aliens and pilots attempting to learn and fly alien spacecraft (Swift). Of course, none of this has surfaced as true, however, people will believe until the facts come out. According to Pat Travis, inn keeper of a small hotel that lies just 25 miles from Area 51, says that each year, thousands of people are drawn to their small city in hopes to see a flying UFO over the city. The reason for the frequent sightings of UFO’s over the small city is claimed to be directly related to the closeness to the Air Force base. Rumor has it that six alien beings, some dead some not dead, and at least nine aircrafts are being held inside Area 51 (Regenold). This causing other aliens to come for a visit, maybe attempting to aid their fellow beings. Of all the experiments conducted on the secret base, extraterrestrial testing will always reign in the eyes of the curious. The proof that we have fellow lifeforms in neighboring planets and galaxies is out there, the search for evidence will continue and hopefully one day be made public and declared

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