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Exploitation in the world today is a major problem with there being a few different types of exploitation. Trafficking, sweatshop working, and slavery are the three major types of exploitation. Money is the biggest reason why there is exploitation in the world today. The only way for exploitation in the world today to end is for poverty and greed to end. I will further more talk about all of these topics to show just how bad exploitation is and how there aren't many ways for it to be stopped.

Trafficking and sweatshop working are the most common forms of exploitation in the United States today. Trafficking occurs when a poor individual is offered job opportunities to make money and persuaded that these opportunities are good jobs. Then the poor individual agrees to work and then is forced to work as a prostitute, abused laborer or a servant. Sweatshop working occurs in the corporate environment today and is when the average businessman works around the clock for his company and doesn't receive career advancements or raises but the CEO is becoming richer and richer. In both of these cases of exploitation, there is a person who is getting rich or making a lot of money off of someone else who is doing all the work. Trafficking is a problem for the world because it is not only doing nothing to help poverty in the world but it is making it worse. These poor people who are trying to make a living and work out of being poor are having their money taken from them or are not even making enough money to get out of poverty which is keeping poverty rates low. Corporate sweatshop working is also just as bad for the world because the economy is not being boosted by having the CEO's of companies becoming richer. The economy would be so much stronger if the millions that these CEO's are making is divided and dispersed to the employees who are doing all the work. The economy suffers from both trafficking and corporate sweatshop working.

Slavery is the other type of exploitation the world is encountering today. Although, every country in the world today has made it illegal to own and exercise total control over another human being, slavery is still a major problem in the world. Slavery today isn't like the slavery that use to take place. Today slavery is even worse.

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