Examples Of Transgender

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“A man who is wearing the lady’s dress.” That sounds strange, how comes a man acts like a girl. Some people might feel uncomfortable or discrimination to treat them. Due to the gender bias that people always misunderstand men and women act in their character feature in the same way. In fact, there do not have any definition between male and female of their gender role. For example, people see a girl crying, one might think that is normal react since this situation always happens for the girl. Moreover, people expect the image of men are brave and without fear; women are weak person. One’s concept changes are influenced by their childhood, peers, family members and social media. The social location affect one’s mind and stereotype people who…show more content…
On the other hand, some people like to create or break social norms because they want to be a unique character or improve their social life; for instance, transgender. Transgender which means one’s do not accept his/her gender role, they feel that is not their bodies look like and not match. Although many male transgender that their biological is male, they feel that they are look like women. The same case with female. Due to a long time by heterosexual life, transgender people lead to psychological personality change to fix their gender role, such as surgery to change…show more content…
She always dressed like a man, short hair, like to play basketball, and her features are more masculine. Actually, she is still an ordinary person. She acts like a boy because her family background influenced. Amber who was born in single parent family, she lives with her mother so she lacks of her father’s love and care. She wants to replace the role of her father to take care of family. When we were in High school she told me that she wants to change her gender, it means that she wants to do “gender surgery”. That made me shocked, I cannot believe that this happened to my friend. At that time I told her that need to clear your values and do not impulse and regret for your choice. That change will be your whole life forever. This is my advice, the final result is determined by herself. After graduation, we are less contact with each other, but I see her photo in Facebook she stills act like a
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