Examples Of Mistreated In Frankenstein

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Evil or Mistreated? It is proven that the way you are treated as a small child affects the way you act as an adult. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, the readers see this kind of effect. The creature created by Dr. Frankenstein was terribly mistreated. The creature wasn’t evil in the beginning, but as time went on he started behaving like a monster. Although he did not seem evil in the beginning does not mean that he was not. He could have turned out that way without being mistreated, yet because of the mistreatment we may never know. So; was all of this caused by the way his creator treated him, was it caused by the way other people treated him, was it caused just by his nature, or was it caused by all of the three combined? In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a …show more content…

The creature was tormented because of his hideous appearance. It is unfair that they judged him so harshly because all the creature sought was to be loved. He just wanted to fit in with other people. He is pretty much left by himself to discover that he is ugly and what that actually means. Once the creature realizes that he is ugly and the townspeople treat him so badly, he becomes the monster that everyone assumed he was in the first place. This once so kind-hearted creation is molded into a repulsive monster by the way he is treated by society. The creature accidentally causes the townspeople poverty by stealing their food in secret, when he realizes the effect of his thievery he leaves wood on the doorsteps of the people to try to ease their scarcity. All he wants is to be accepted, yet because of his ugly looks the townspeople still deny him of acceptance. “As a society, we build our own monsters” this is a statement that is describing so much (Connection 1). The town’s people are making him everything that he is. “He was merely provoked into acting out” (Rose

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