Class Distinctions in 'The Great Gatsby'

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The Great Gatsby Journal

Chapter 1: Chapter one introduces the reader to the narrator Nick Halloway and most of the other other characters of the story. Including his cousin daisy, her husband tom and their friend jordan - the golfer. Nick comes from a wealthy family; however, doesn’t believe in inheriting their wealth. Instead he wishes to earn his own wealth by selling bonds in the stock market. Chapter one also talks about the separation of the rich. Where the east egg represents the inherently rich whereas west egg represents the newly rich. The people in the east also seem to lack social connections and aristocratic pedigree. Whereas the people in west egg possess all those qualities usually lacked by people in the east.With nick living …show more content…

Parties that people usually long to be invited to; however, due to the grand scheme of this still end up making their way into his parties without an invitation. It was in this chapter that Gatsby's chauffeur brings Nick an invitation to one of Gatsby’s parties. Shortly after which Nick makes it to one Gatsby’s parties that night, feeling very out of place amid the throng of jubilant strangers. It was during this moment that nick hears the most about Gatsby’s endeavours from being a german spy to the descent of a Kaiser Wilhelm, the ruler of germany during world war 1. At which point he learns from a middle aged man that had been pouring over Gatsby's books that in all his years he had never seen Gatsby. It was also during this particular visit that Nick describes the unmistakable luxuriousness of Gatsby’s parties where guests marvel at everything from his rolls royce to his swimming pool and his beach. It was also during this time that Nick and Jordan come across a very handsome young man. At which point he introduces himself as none other than Jay Gatsby. Gatsby’s speed is elaborate yet formal and as the party progresses Nick becomes every so fascinated by Gatsby. As without even taking a sip of his alcohol he watches his guests will keeping himself distant from the part. At which point Jordan is accompanied away from Nick and to Gatsby by one of his butlers. After which Jordan emerges from her meeting from Gatsby by saying that she had just heard something extraordinary. Leaving nick in a confused yet involved state. Forcing him to leave the party with only one thought on his mind. That being what had gatsby said to Jordan that had been so

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