Examples Of Anarchy And Chaos In Antigone

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In Sophocles’s play, Antigone, Thebes is just starting to settle down after a power struggle between two brothers led to one of them, Polyneices, waging war on the city-state to reclaim power, and eventually the two brothers’ deaths. Because of his act of treason against Thebes, Polyneices is denied rights to a burial, a very important part of Greek religion. His sister Antigone buries him despite the law, and is condemned to death by Creon, the king. Creon strives to bring a peaceful end to chaotic times. Although Creon claims the king must always be obeyed to avoid anarchy and chaos, Sophocles disagrees completely by showing what can happen when the king is wrong. Anarchy and chaos that are generated by disobedience of government generally

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