Evolving Disadvantages

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The world is constantly evolving and changing, different chapters in the world’s history brings on a new set of inventions, subsequent consequences and difficulties. From the machine age of the 1800’s, to the post war era and now the information age, each chapter creates a new set of challenges to overcome. Some technology advances have affected entire countries, for instance, recent technological developments including the, cellular phone and the internet has broken the barriers of communication. Despite the fact that technology aids in many aspects of everyday life, there are many disadvantages that stems from the use of technology available in this ever-evolving world, such as its environmental impact, education implication, difficulties in the workplace and the privacy issues that comes along with using technology.

To begin, certain technologies and the production of these types of technologies has a large impact on the environment. Consequently, ones technological choices, such as the products one chooses to use, has unpredictable consequences on human health and the vitality of the environment. Firstly, the creation of a piece of technology begins when extracting the material components needed for the product. Each step of the extraction process emits harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere which can also be related to global warming (Rose 8). During the production stage, countless litters of water and kilowatts of energy is used (8). Also, more greenhouse gasses are emitted along with the subsequent water and solid waste that has been produced (8). A key factor in environment deterioration is the use of mercury in different technology products. There is an apparent risk for the health and vitality ...

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