Ethical Values In Counseling

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Values are used every day in our lives. Values are important and needed to help us make right decisions for our lives. Should values be left outside the professional doors of our lives? If they were what would the world look like? Is it ethical to impose your belief system on someone else? Should you refer a client because of a value conflict? Is it possible to be beneficence when your core beliefs are in conflict with the client problem? We are here to help the client; and because we’re here to help sometimes it is best to refer the client. Is it ethical or unethical to counsel the client when you know you are not the best one to help them?
The chapter addressed values within the counseling process. It focused on how counselors
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It also means not being biased and judgmental against the client. It is important to have a neutral stance with the client to value and respect the client autonomy. The neutral stance help develops the therapeutic relationship with the client. Using neutrality help the client open up and share their heart. Working from the concept of a therapeutic neutrality relationship helps the practitioner to stay within the guideline of principle and virtue ethics.
Couples therapy, is a good example of when a therapist, can make uses of the concept of the therapeutic neutrality relationship. The counselor should keep a neutral stance when counseling the couple. Even if the counselor think one client is right, in what they are saying, the counselor should not take sides. The counselor should stay neutral. If the counselor breaks the therapeutic neutrality relationship, because of taking sides, the counselor might lose them both. The counselor would have acted unethically if this happened. Family therapy would also be a good example of using the therapeutic neutrality relationship. In family therapy, the therapist has to keep a neutral stance with the whole
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When the counselor gives advice, to the client, of what to do can also be considered as value imposition. It is important, for the counselor, to not participate in value imposing because the client want learn how to make decisions for themselves. Our job, as counselors, is to help the client sort out and find their own solution. Our job is not to make them clones of ourselves, and value imposing is unethical. A woman went to a counselor because of her husband’s cheating, not working, and stay gone all day long. The woman told the counselor she was at her wits end. She told the counselor the kids and she were depressed because of the treatment of her husband. Unbeknown to the client, the counselor has experienced the same thing in her life. The counselor has unfinished business. The counselor told the client she and the kids would be better off without him, and she should leave him. This would be an example of value
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