Ethical Decision Making Model

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The first ethical decision-making model is “Identify the Problem.” It is stated in the reading that Forensic psychologists have to keep in mind that there are extensive behaviors that needs to be considered including when reviewing the work of colleagues. There are ideas that need to be discussed among ethical, legal, moral, and professional perspectives. Whereas, these ideas may need to be explain more to clarify the ethical problem at hand. Consider a request by an attorney for a psychologist report to describe the patient’s degree on disability and patient symptom in a posttraumatic stress situation. The psychologist may disagreed in writing the report, but if agreed to do so, the psychologist must look into the vast of issues to be…show more content…
Both positive and negative consequence must be measured. The potential positive and negative consequences must be measured in order to determine the best course of action that need to be applied. Forensic psychologists must take in consideration potential consequences for their actions, and weight their options, and further the highest possible option available. The seventh ethical decision-making model is “Choose and Implement a Course of Action”. To implement the most appropriate course of action, the practitioner must consider timing of the action that can lead to success in their decision making. As stated in the reading material, “depending on the issues involved and the context, the course of action may need to occur quickly or may need to be delayed.” It is also mentioned that consulting with colleagues may be important in weighting the best time to respond to situations in which timing must be taken into…show more content…
In order for a forensic psychologist to advance their knowledge on ethical decision making, the eight steps in the ethical decision making model proposed by Bush et al. (2006) is the key to success in addressing different issues at hand. There does not seem to be any weaknesses of the model in ethical decision making. As mentioned before, the eight steps in the ethical decision making models has determined to be an outstanding learning methods that could enhance a forensic psychologist in learning how to deal with different ethical issues and especially decision
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