Essay On Tooth Brushing Techniques

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Tooth brushing method

Classification of Tooth Brushing techniques based on Brushing Motion/Movement:
1. Horizontal Reciprocating Motion:
• Horizontal Scrub Technique
2. Vibratory Motion:
• Bass (Sulcular Technique) or Stillmans Brushing Technique
• Charters Brushing technique
3. Vertical Sweeping Brushing Technique:
• Rolling Stroke (Press Roll) – Modified Stillman brushing technique
• Modified charters
• Modified Bass
• Leonard
• Smith-Bell (Physiologic technique)
4. Rotary Brushing Technique:
• Fones Technique
Tooth Brushing Techniques :
Horizontal Scrub Method:
It is the most commonly used method in brushing, where the Bristles are activated in gentle, horizontal scrubbing motion.

• Method/Technique: The Brush is Places on the Teeth
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ADVANTAGE: Effective method for removing plaque. Provides good gingival stimulation.
DISADVANTAGE: cause injury to the gingival margin. Time consuming.

Stillman’s Brushing Technique:
Similar to Bass technique with a slight modification to remove debris more effectively from the embrasures. Bristles are directed apically and angles same as bass, Bristles are placed partly over cervical part of tooth and partly on adjacent gingiva. • Method/ Technique: This technique is similar to Bass technique with just the slight modification of Occlusal movement along with short horizontal strokes. (Short back and forth strokes are used and brush head is moved occlusally with light pressure)
• Indications: In case of Gingival Recession, for Gingival stimulation, to clean from large embrasures, remove plaque and biofilm from cervical
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• Charters Technique is used in patients with: Orthodontic and fixed prosthetic appliances, patients who have just undergone periodontal surgery for temporary cleaning of surgical site.
ADVANTAGE: Massage and stimulation of gingiva. DISADVANTAGES : Poor removal of subgingival bacterial accumulations. Limited brush placement. Requirements in digital dexterity are high.

Modified Bass, Modified Stillman’s and Modified Charter’s:
These techniques are the 3 main Tooth brushing techniques – Bass, Stillman and Charter’s all you have to do is follow three technique and at the end Roll the Brush tufts Occlusally towards the crown.

• Method/Technique: Follow the Techniques mentioned above about the 3 techniquesCharter’s, Stillman’s or Bass and at the end of each technique Rool the brushes towards the occlusal surface of the teeth, roll tufts occlusally after cervical area is cleaned by prescribed method. This will help is clearing out the debris, biofilm out of the Embrasures.
• Indications: Clean entire facial/buccal and lingual surfaces, Rolling motion avoids damaging the base of the gingival
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