Essay On The Scarlet Letter Dimmesdale's Guilt

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Dimmesdale lives a lie and face a battle of inner conflict between his pride and his guilt throughout The Scarlet Letter. Lacking the courage to brings shame upon himself for his sin, Dimmesdale hides its. This, therefore, makes him a liar whose words are now tainted with deception, molding a far greater sin. This great sin destroys his ability to be a good father and has formed him to be a coward. Dimmesdale believes that if he conceals his sin that he can continue doing Gods work as a penance for his sins. It is Dimmesdale’s “concealed sins” of pride and false witness that exceeds the others because of the everlasting mark he leaves. As the novel progresses, it is made apparent to the reader that Dimmesdale is tormented with a “black secret” …show more content…

His inner conflict did not solely rely on the war between his guilt, pride, and false witness, but also from the loneliness he brought upon himself. Dimmesdale felt sorry for himself and envied Hester for the fact she could wear her sin openly and freely, yet why could Dimmesdale not? Dimmesdale said himself “ happy are you, Hester, that you wear the scarlet letter openly upon your bosom! Mine burns in secret! Dimmesdale’s sin did not have to burn in secret but he chose for it to out of his own righteous pride. His ride not only brought failure and guilt but also loneliness. His loneliness spring from no one getting to see him for what he really was. “After the torment of seven years’ cheat, to look into an eye that recognizes” him the “vilest of sinners” he shamed himself to be was the only time his loneliness had ceased to be. That day in the forest with Hester brought Dimmesdale comfort but he had only himself to blame for this misery. The truth is Dimmesdale tried to confess his sin. Though the times he tried to confess, it was not with much effort. The community would not believe him but instead claimed him to be “the saint on earth”. The irony of dimmesdales postion is almost hurmorous. He is disguised in lies therefore when he speaks the truth

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