Essay On Good Vs Evil In Beowulf

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Maddie Wittemann
Good vs Evil: Will it Ever End? In epic literature as well as in modern day, the battle of good versus evil is never ending. In the modern world the battle for good and evil is more of a psychological feat. When Beowulf battles his physical demons, in the modern day and age the battle is with the minds of the people that cannot be conquered by the sword. In the battles of Beowulf and the modern people, the destruction and hardship brings loved ones together in an act of sharing the burden. Within certain battles that occur those involved in the combat will show their true colors. The story of the glorious battle is then passed on as a reminder and an inspiration to those who will follow. Beowulf is similar in many ways to
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In the fight between Grendel and Beowulf, Grendel begins by terrorizing the people. “…began to work his evil in the world./ Grendel was the name of this grim demon haunting the marches, marauding round the heath…” (Beowulf 99-103). This then causes a lot of discomfort and trouble within the hearts of the men and their king. Beowulf then, upon learning of the news comes to confront this destroyer. As the battle commences, the outcome of the victor is unknown for no one quite knows the strength of Beowulf. How does this relate to the modern world? Well, the beast that begins to prowl around the subconscious of those who least suspect it, will come in the least expectant ways. It will slip in a little at a time, each visit progressively more damaging. As the battle commences, the outcome of who will come out victorious for not anybody knows the strength of the victim, nor the response they are having to the attack. Then the result is the person coming out on top, a changed person; a better…show more content…
In the Anglo-Saxon culture and ultimately in the Beowulf poem, the values of a person were one of the most important things to the people. In Beowulf, the men tended to boast in order to exhibit their level of Glory and raise themselves above everyone else. However, Beowulf was different. He honored honor, bravery, courage, strength, as well as glory. Beowulf was a hero, and gave most of the glory not to him but to those that he was serving whether it was Hygelac or Hrothgar. For a time as well Beowulf was king over Geatland (their home town) and he honored those who treated him as he had treated his kings. Therefore, when he dies he says to Wigalf, the one who stood by him until the very end and was selfless to honor his lord, “… it is up to you/ to look after their needs. I can hold out no longer” (2800-2801). When hard times come upon people, the way that they react to the certain situations and the way that they handle the pressure and how they treat others around them is an example of the modern day revelation of the person’s true colors. The person may be hiding their true selves and when hardship comes and is challenging them it is a lot harder for them to keep up that image and that causes their real selves to
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