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The reliability in designs to design a new product is challenging issue for any industry in the present world. Designing a new product which is more reliable and standard is a head bursting problem for all. Engineering design field is vast field. Any design can’t pass to the final design stage at its first design. It takes many different phases before it is approved to enter into the manufacturing process. An engineer should be clear about which method to follow to meet the companies requirement at the end. Engineering design gives different ways for a designer to carry on the design in different platforms using CAD software’s.
Airbus follows different rules and methods to meet their requirement and also to be unique in the market. As the development phase of tools and aircraft parts runs parallel till the end of final product, it’s more important to consider a reliable design method which can adapt changes in all the way. As any change of design method in between will lead to more problems in different directions or sometimes to start the project from pre-phase which will result investment of more time and more cost. How a design can be differentiated as a good design or bad design? It’s not dependent on the visual appearance.
The designed product should be transparent and clear to any design engineer to use concurrent engineering which makes the project to be finished in lass span of time. Here it leads to diversity of solutions, various ideas and better designs. Among the different design methods like Associative design method and traditional design methods, Airbus is always having a challenge to follow a standard method which can be economical and also reliable method. Many methods are widely used methods in automotive a...

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... jig - closed, or box, jigs are used for parts that must be machined on more than one side.
1.5 Working And Importance Of Jigs And Tools
Jigs play a vital role in manufacturing industry. The tools helps the operator in production line during manufacturing process to make a accurate and easier way to work on the allocated job. It helps the operators to hold a part which should be processed or in processing. Jigs are used in the area of mass production to produce large number of identical parts in the automotive industries. But in the aircraft industries, more than using jigs for mass production, operators uses the jigs to obtain more accurate and precise in quality. In production rate the jigs help the industries to increase their productivity as it will minimize the production time as well as other time wasting occurrences Ex.- tool changing, holding parts etc.,

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