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The definition of decolonization differs from person to person, from nation to nation, and from past experience to past experience. In my opinion decolonization is a thought out active resistance of colonial forces with a goal of eventually obtaining indigenous liberation. Colonialism has brought forth many problems with it. As more time passes the problems keep getting worse. Problems such as crimes being committed on Natives and loss of tradition. Over the years many treaties and laws have been passed in order to come to a agreement between Native Americans and the United States. I believe the U.S is just sugar coating the real picture and letting the Natives suffer. Many crimes have been committed towards Native Americans on their own land…show more content…
I believe one the Natives most valued form of motivation is to finally try and seek peace for their ancestors. Even today the Native Americans are in a constant state of mourning. “Our relatives of past generations who fought hard wars and difficult negotiations for the survival of the people must be mourning the moral and political tragedy…” I believe to help decolonization Natives need to have schools where they learn their history and language but at the same time they are getting a proper education. The schools would be like private Catholic or Christian schools where there would be mandatory classes like mass and religious studies. Maybe another way to help resist colonization would be to create more dictionaries in the native tongue. “The renaissance is now” (Jacob). The future of the Natives can only be as strong as the present efforts to preserve it. Today was still have many of the older who experience all the brutality first hand , either from their parents or grandparents. Once they pass away the Natives will lose fundamental chunk of the building block towards ingenious independence. Class like this Native American Studies class is also serves as a big impact on the community. Before this class I thought Natives Americans weren 't around anymore. The course was a real eye opener and well I learned Natives are around struggling to keep in touch with their culture. “I don 't want our language to die!”

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