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David Berkowitz: Son of Sam Killer David Berkowitz unleashed his random malicious scats during the summer of 1976. He is known today as one of New York’s most notorious serial killers. Berkowitz was born on June 1st, 1953 in New York, New York. He was adopted by the Berkowitz couple a few days after his birth. When Berkowitz was 18 the joined the U.S. Army. After the army, he got a job as a security officer and moved into an apartment in New York. No one even noticed the danger that slept next door. The first shooting occurred on July 29, 1976 and the second months later; and the third one month after the second. At this point, Berkowitz had shot six people but the New York Police Department did not see any relation between the shootings. In January 1977, Berkowitz struck again by shooting a couple while sitting in a car. This event caused police to start a search for a .44 caliber killer. A .44 caliber gun is the type of gun that Berkowitz used in all of his murders. He continued to elude police, he even began taunting them. Berkowitz started leaving note addressed to the NYPD captain near all of his crime scenes. In the letters he spoke to police telling them of how he was recruited to commit the murders and addressed himself as the “Son of Sam”. This is how Berkowitz attained the name The Son of Sam Killer. Berkowitz had also left notes for his neighbor, Sam Carr, complaining about his barking dog. After numerous notes, the dog was mysteriously shot one night. When Carr returned from the vet with his dog he notified the police. This prompted a separate investigation into the letters that had been written. At this point in time, the police did not see any relation between the letters. Forensic psychiatrists were recruited to ... ... middle of paper ... ...e is incarcerated in Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, N.Y. he was eligible for parole in 2002. He did not attend his first parole hearing. In his second parole hearing he stated that he felt he did not deserve parole and that he only wanted to apologize. In March of 2013, a professor from New Jersey interviewed Berkowitz. He has a new found religion and even expresses remorse for the actions he committed. In his interview he concluded that Berkowitz is indeed as competent as anyone else because he does not take any type of medication for his illness. He has not taken any medication for 35 years. Berkowitz now addresses himself as the Son of Hope. He wishes that one day he could speak to youth and encourage them not to give in to temptation but he is also content that he will never be able to participate. Berkowitz has also been interviewed

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