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Gabrielle Chanel was well known mostly by the name of Coco. In the 1920’s she created a revolution in women’s clothing by removing frills and ruffles from common clothing of the time. In the 1950’s she did it again by freeing women from the inflexible cramped fit or corsets. However, even though she made some drastic changes in womens fashion, she managed to maintain elegance in her clothing, while also adding functionality and simpleness.
Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born August 19, 1883 in Saumur, France. Chanel was the second illegitimate child born to Jeanne Devolle and Albert Chanel. Often she avoided speaking of her humble beginnings or said that she was raised by her aunts. However, she constantly changed the story depending on the moment. The real truth is, Chanel, her older sister Julia, and her mother, Jeanne, were constantly traveling with Albert. That is, “when the girls were old enough to travel.” (Coco Chanel 27). On November 17, 1884 Chanel’s parents got married. However, Albert neglected to settle down with his family and continued to travel often, this time leaving his wife and daughters behind in Jeanne’s hometown of Courpière. For several years, Albert continued to travel and in 1893 Albert sent a letter to Jeanne saying that he was going to work as a waiter.
Chanel’s mother, who gave birth to three other children, died on February 16, 1895 when Chanel was twelve. Chanel told her friend, Claude Baillèn that her mother had died of tuberculosis. Ann Gaines states, “Jeanne did have asthma, according to Charles-Roux, but the cause of her death was probably simply exhaustion and overwork.” (Coco Chanel 27-28).
During the time of Jeanne’s death Albert was not home. The burial arrangements were made by Albert’s brothe...

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...el’s clothing. Her favorites were his sweaters and jackets.
“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something, but to be someone!” (Coco Chanel, This Week). At the beginning of World War I, many people that populated Deauville left. With the departure of these wealthy tourists, Chanel’s business suffered.
Although Chanel’s multiple businesses had beneficial eras as well as disrupting ones, there is no doubt whatsoever that she revolutionized womens fashion completely. Having altered the conforming attire and in some cases completely changing it she made something out of nothing. Even be looked at as if she were completely wrong, she managed to free women from the uncomfortable corsets and overly sophisticated frills and ruffles. Coco Chanel’s defying mixture of class and comfort still stands strong and elegant after nearly 40 years since her death.

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