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When thinking back on my past experiences in the dating scene, it’s crazy to see how much things have changed over the years. About ten years ago, I would have never thought that online dating would have grown to be as popular as it is today. It was considered a risky and almost taboo thing to do in the beginning. Now it seems that online dating services are just about everywhere. From the bigger dating services providers, such as E-Harmony and Zoosk, to the smaller services such as online personal classifieds, social media, and phone apps, it’s easier than ever to find and meet people who are interested in dating. I have dated online myself, even in the beginning stages of the online dating scene, and have had both good and bad experiences.…show more content…
Having children to care for and part-time jobs here and there to support my family, it took up most of my time. After the kids were settled in for the night, I was finally able to relax and wind down. The last thing I had time for was to get all cleaned up and looking good enough to go out and meet people. I wanted to sit in my sweatpants and oversized tee shirt and relax for a bit before going to bed. Another thing that made it more convenient for me was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about leaving my kids with a babysitter. With this routine, online dating made it so much easier to meet people and get to chat with them. Being able to do this was also less stressful and gave me the time to get to know the person a little more because all we were doing was chatting, instead of out at a movie or dinner and not really getting to talk as much. For the most part, you can get a good sense of who a person is and what they are like. With being able to get to know them through this type of interaction, it also makes it very easy to end the conversations if things aren’t what you are looking
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