Equal Opportunity In The Army

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The Equal Opportunity (EO) is an important program to ensure fair treatment, justice, and equity for all people. This program frames and enhances a comprehensive effort to increase human’s potentials depending only on their eligibility, ability, and efficiency. Commanders and Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) have a huge responsibility on their shoulders toward their units; they should provide a positive EO climate for their Soldiers. Because NCOs are the number one factor to create a successful positive equal opportunity environment, they should implement a positive environment and a healthy impartiality atmosphere within their unit.
The Army provides fair treatment and equal opportunity for service members, their families, and the civilians who work within the Department of the Army regardless of their color, race, religion, national origin, and sex. These characteristics will not be the basis for training, assigning, promoting, or managing any service member. In addition, the Army supports an atmosphere that is free of discrimination and violation. Within the Army, the EO policy applies both on and off post, and during duty and non-duty hours; the policy also applies to working, living, and recreational environments. Equal opportunity violations considered one of the biggest difficulties that face today’s military, therefore, both juniors and seniors NCOs are obligated to maintain a positive EO program in their assigned units, and prevent any equal opportunity violations.
Knowing and defining the meaning of each equal opportunity violation will help understand the effect of each one of them on the unit’s morals and cohesion; it will also help determine the best course of action the NCO Corp can execute to prevent them from hap...

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...issue, it will create a psychological and an emotional gap between the victim and the NCO. In addition, it will produce a hostile unit environment, especially if the NCO took the offender’s side. NCOs must take full responsibility for their own actions and mistakes. Denying problems or pretending they did not exist when confronted, will result in a negative reaction, which will worsen the situation. In addition, NCOs must recognize how prejudice are their decision making processes, be aware of other Soldiers feelings when making decisions or taking any additional actions. NCOs must identify how their behavior and performance affect others, especially their subordinates. Finally, if all NCOs followed and lived the NCO creed and the Army values, they will success and achieve the military goals by creating a positive equal opportunity climate in their place of duty.
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