Entangled Between Fantasy and Reality

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While only one of the parents remain alive. Kokone had held her family in high regards with ought most respect. Her parents were always fair to her and her siblings. She would do anything in her power to protect them. Geographically, her home town was located near Theymarsh. Until one night the family was forced to flee from their own domicile due to a tragic war that had overcome the area. Smoke filled their home while fire raged with a crackling hiss. Kokone woke in the middle of the night startled to the smoke blanketed room as the fire raged like a devil cracking its whip in front of every path she took to try and escape. She managed to crawl out a near by window and ran to her parents who had somehow managed to escape by their own means. Her two older siblings were not survivors of the fire, that part of the home had been collapsed in before the parents could attempt to rescue their children. However, they had to flee, the sounds of soldiers were still nearby pillaging the small town. Blood curdling screams eluded the night and the sounds of swords clashing echoed which was their soundtrack that night for a city that was lost. While most of Kokone’s life was spent in Theymarsh the war torn girl’s mind was fragile. Many a daunting memory had plagued her to a breaking point of mental distortion. The illusive enemy that seemed to track her shadow by shadow was tailing her. But was she losing her mind she would continuously ask herself? Their new home in Essembra played no substitute for what was once their humble abode. All of her friends and siblings she once knew were now faces fading from a scroll of history written on a war torn travesty. She will never forget the faces of soldiers that her and her family had escaped... ... middle of paper ... ...ike a package of cut sausages. The blood had splattered across her face but she paid no mind to it at all. She saw what she had done through her vision of red. It was as if she was wearing bifocals with rogue tinted lenses. His face seemed to fade as she heard her mother cry out “Why have you done this to me? Why would you have forsaken your mother?.” Her voice was gargled and very distant. Kokone dropped the rapier as the face of the solider Transmorphed to that of her mother’s twisted face. This must be trickery of that of the evil shadows was all that had encompassed her mind as she stalked over her mother’s now corpse. She crawled out the window like she did on that night she lost all that she knew, but this time to never look back and to continue to protect the world from the shadows of evil that trailed her with her mind entangled between fantasy and reality.
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