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Fate and freewill. Freewill and fate. Intertwined at the root yet hanging delicately from separate branches. The same could be said for Romeo and Juliet; both intertwined at the soul and left hanging in the balance. Shakespeare wrote “The Tragedy Romeo and Juliet” to be a love story; not a great one, not a fanciful one- a meaningful one. Fate is what provides the trunk of the story, the strong backbone to the ribs. The syncope of all the events in the story could not have been possible without fate. The very time, place and manner in which Romeo laid eyes upon Juliet was all a cruel masquerade trick by fate. Masking what could happen when this forbidden girl was struck upon his world. Fate continues later, sending plagues to stop mail and important letters, bestowing hotheaded cousins into the path of shrouded happiness. In a final play-written act, death and life pass by one another so closely- heavily laden trains touching in passing. Romeo kisses the very lips of life as he knows it, as Juliet wakes from a temporary death to find it draped across her chest; a morbid pall. Fate took its deft hands and played puppet master, influencing every thought, action and feeling had by Romeo, Juliet, and the rest of the cast.
Galas, long dresses, pretty maidens, disgruntled chefs, timing, and location all came together to create a fate-laden storm for none other than Romeo. He was unprepared for the buckshot loaded at his chest: Juliet. Rewinding, slowly, the reader begins to notice a pattern; like watching a movie again to notice the subtle nuances. The revelry brought Romeo to its doorstep, yet even then, it was not Romeo’s choice, or free will, that brought him to the Capulet doorstep. Indeed, it was the cold hand of fate pushing hi...

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...d let me die.” There was no free will in these acts, nor in the ones prior-, this was their fate.
As the curtain draws on their morbid close, the reader is left with many questions all of which point to one answer: fate. Moments in passing the puppets of this tragedy felt their strings and saw no good end but there was no stopping fate. From long before their meeting, Romeo and Juliet were on a collision course with one another. Their lives were controlled, their meetings scheduled, their obstacles already slated, their deaths already written on tombstones. What else besides this mysterious force could cause such twisted feeling? What else could cause enemies to wed in love? What else could cause enemies to die as lovers? What else could map the web of intricate spirals of love? What else could cause such calamity from a simple kiss? What else? What else except fate?
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