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The report I am going to write about is to do with electrical safety devices and safety practices which contribute in reducing and eliminate specific risks. The workplace I have chosen to write about is electricians in power stations. The report I am going to write is going to show a clear understanding of electrical safety devices and the improvements of electrical safety devices.
In power stations electricians need to use a variety of device to ensure that they are doing the job correctly. The four essential things an electrician needs to consider is earth wire, double insulation, fuse box and a residual circuit breaker. These four things are essential because they help to increase the health and safety of workers.
Electricians have to use an earth wire in power station devices because an earth wire creates a safe route for current to flow through. It helps to prevent electric shocks from occurring. If too much current enters the wire the earth wire helps to break the fuse and stop the device from working. The earth wire helps to break the fuse because it has a low resistance. It is crucial that electricians make sure that the earth wire is fitted into the appliances and are wired correctly so that they don’t become loose, as this would cause the workers to get electrocuted. Making sure that the appliances are earthed correctly is important because it means that the device is in very good conditions to use.
In the company Rockwell automation they use earth wires for ground motors. They state that the motor frame should be connected directly to the drive PE connection. This has a separate ground conductor. (1) They state this so people are protected from getting electric shocks. Another company which makes sure all there elect...

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...oids any worker from getting into any kind of harm. The electrical device can be plugged into the RCD and once the on switch is pressed if the RCD turns of automatically this means that the device is safe to use. It also means that the RCD is working correctly. Every so often the electricians working in power stations must check the RCD to ensure it always turns of when the start button is pressed.(7)
The second company which protects people and explains how to work with an RCD is the electrical safety council. This company explains that an RCD monitors electric current flowing along a circuit, therefore is really good to have. It detects electricity flowing through a live part and switches of automatically reducing risks of death or serious injury. They also explain that it is essential that an RCD is installed correctly and wired up properly when it is fixed. (8)

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