Effects of Divorce: Larger Than They Seem

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Effects of Divorce: Larger Than They Seem


Imagine a teenage boy, completely happy with a good life and a family that he is close to. He has his own place in the family and a set daily routine that has been in place for over a decade. Now imagine something ripping that family apart. His daily life became anything but routine. Everything changed: his living arrangements, his family’s financial situation, and his security. In America, we call that divorce. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, “One out of every two marriages today ends in divorce and many divorcing families include children.” “Only 42 percent of children aged 14 to 18 live in a “first marriage” family and intact two-parent married family” (The Effects of Divorce on America). Throughout this report the effects of divorce of children of various ages will be discussed. There will also be explanations of how everyone in the family feels their own form of blame, stress, anger, adjustment, and the psychological and emotional aspects of divorce. What are the effects of divorce on children?


According to the University of New Hampshire, “Sociologists and Psychologists are just beginning to provide reliable information about the effects of divorce on children.” There are many factors to consider such as the age of the child at the time of the divorce, the gender of the child, the child’s personality, the amount of support from the extended family, and the way in which the parents handle their personal conflicts. The degrees to which children are affected by divorce vary in many ways. Age at the time of divorce is one factor that seems to determine how much of an effect the divorce has on the life of a child. For instance, an...

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the american academy of child & adolescent psychiatry states that one out of every two marriages today ends in divorce.
  • Explains that sociologists and psychologists are just beginning to provide reliable information about the effects of divorce on children.
  • Explains that children at this age can become combative or angry and show signs of depression despite their young age. divorce has positive and negative effects on children.
  • Explains the emotional effects of divorce on children, including fear of what will happen next, if they will have enough money, or fear that mom and dad stopped loving them.
  • Opines that children of divorced parents learn how to be in a relationship by their relationships with their parents.
  • Explains that many children speak out when they are comfortable enough to reveal their feelings to the parent regarding divorce. studies show that girls and boys suffer equally.
  • Explains that girls are more able to engage in multi-task behavior, use both sides of the brain when processing information, hear better, and are physically active. boys are externally symptomatic, while girls internalize their feelings which may lead to depression, headaches and stomach aches.
  • Explains that a child's understanding of divorce depends on their developmental age. infants may feel more irritable and cry or fuss, while toddlers might return to baby-like behaviors. preteens and teens may have difficulty accepting the reality of the changes it brings to their family.
  • Explains that 50 percent of all children are children of divorce. divorce court may set up visitation rights to determine the amount of contact with each parent.
  • Explains that divorce has a negative effect on all individuals involved, even the one initiating the divorce. the way the parties involved handle the situation affects the children not only at the time of divorce but for years to come.
  • Explains that stress can affect anyone who feels overwhelmed including children. it is created when we react to particular events.
  • Explains lewis, jennifer, and william sammons' "looking at divorce-through the eyes of a child."
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