Effects Of Postpartum Depression On Children

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The fear of childbirth is very common among many expecting parents. The thought of being able to cope with the pain, any childbirth-related injuries and even the possibility of needing a cesarean section is very intimidating for many. Not to mention everything that happens after the baby is born, such as being able to feed and nurture the child. Challenges can occur during and after pregnancy. Postpartum depression can arise after birth due to hormonal changes, psychological adjustment, and fatigue. Another challenge is breast-feeding; although it is very nourishing for your baby many women have problems dealing with this. Most parents are able to prepare themselves for pregnancy and raising a child, but what most expecting parents do not think about is the possibility of having a fetus with a prenatal abnormality. When put into perspective, aborting a fetus with a genetic abnormality is no different than aborting a perfectly healthy baby, a person’s reason for doing so may be different but the physical aspect of terminating a pregnancy is the same- a life is ended. Many pe...
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