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Education is one of the most important factors in improving economic development in countries. Education allows countries to improve human capital which causes an increase in the rate of return to countries GDP (Kruss). Over the years, Brazil has lagged behind other countries in terms of education, causing the country to not be one the same level of productivity as other high-developing countries. The backwardness of education in Brazil stems from social and political differences throughout Brazil’s history and the large poverty cycle throughout the country.
At the beginning of the nineteenth century when Brazil gained its independence from Portugal, citizens began to focus more on strengthening public education. Brazil had recently become
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The changes of educational policies in Brazil can be examined by looking at the many different parties that have taken over Brazil throughout the years. During the time of the Old Republic, there was a strong relationship of clientelism and agrarian oligarchies. The result of this oligarchy created diverse educational policies that only benefited the elite. However, at the end of the Old Republic and beginning of the Vargas era, Vargas was mainly interested in industrialization and modernization, with education falling behind his true interests. After the end of the Vargas era and the beginning of the Fourth Republic, there was a strong increase of educational backwardness. Under the leadership of president Jucelino Kubitscheck, Brazil’s primary funding went towards energy, transportation, industry, and education, with education only receiving around 3% of total investments. Briefly in 1964, Brazil was apart of a military dictatorship. During this time, education was seen as an important part of the development program, however, there was no funding towards secondary education. This lack of funding contributed to the division among social classes. The lack of funding towards secondary education only affected those of lower income while the rich continued to progress in their education, receiving higher-paying jobs. It is evident that throughout the years the best interests of citizens of Brazil have not been taken to heart, with those in power taking advantage of average

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