Edmund Emil Kemper III

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Have you ever wondered what makes a serial killer tick and sets them off? What makes them want to kill and what is their drive to continue this horrible, sickening journey through their life or what was the cause for them to change their nature in life and create them into these monsters that we see them as today. It takes tragic experiences to cause that like abuse whether it is verbal, physical, or even sexual to cause a sense of damage to a person’s mind and disrupt their ability to comprehend what is sane and not. Well, Edmund Emil Kemper III had all of the makings of becoming a serial killer due to his troubled childhood.
He was born in Burbank, California on December 18, 1948 and was the son of Edmund Emil Kemper, Jr. and Clarnell Stage. He was the middle child of the family and was the only son. At a young age he experienced the first tragic thing in a child’s life and that is divorce of the parents. When Kemper was 9, his parents divorced and it affected him very much because he had such a close relationship with his father. She verbally abused him, locked him down in the basement in fear of him molesting his sisters. He exhibited antisocial behavior at an early age. At age 13, he killed the family cat and decapitated it and put the head on a stick and buried the rest of the body. He also would take his sisters’ dolls and practice bizarre sexual rituals and dark fantasies. After his mother and father divorced, Edmund ran away from his mothers in the summer of 1963 to find his father. Young Kemper found his father living in Van Nuys, California. This is when he found his father remarried and also the father of another son. He was crushed but he stilled loved his father. Edmund was allowed to stay for a short period of ti...

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...und looked so much alike his father. Maybe these things are what truly influence someone to change their entire mind set and become an entirely different person.

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