Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Masque Of The Red Death '

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Edgar Allan Poe Similarity Essay Edgar Allan Poe 's Stories can be considered very similar. The reason for this is because many of Poe 's experiences have influenced the stories. One life event that influenced these stories is the death of a family member. Poe lost his mother, his foster mother, and his wife Virginia all to tuberculosis. Another reasons Poe 's works are so dark is because Poe had his father abandon him and his foster father disliked him. Poe lived from January 19, 1809, to October 7, 1849. Of all of Poe 's seventy poems and sixty six short stories, three of these short stories will be compared. The three short stories are "The Masque of the Red Death", "The Cask of Amontillado", and "The Tell-Tale Heart." One similarity between these three short stories is conflict. A quote that shows this in "The Masque of the Red Death" is " 'There was a sharp cry -- and the dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet, upon which, fell prostrate in death the Prince Prospero. '" The reason this is counted as conflict is the masked figure in this quote has killed Prospero in the seventh room covered in black. This only happens after the masked figure is chased by Prince Prospero through the other six rooms. The way conflict is shown in "The Cask of Amontillado" is when Montresor ties up Fortunato. The quote that shows this is "In its surface were two iron staples, distant from each other by about two feet, horizontally. From one of these depended a short chain, from the other a padlock. Throwing the link about his waist, it was but the work of a few seconds to secure it. He was too much astounded to resist. Withdrawing the key I stepped back fro the recess." This quote is saying that in the hole in the wall, Montresor has tied ... ... middle of paper ... ...had his father abandon him and his foster father disliked him. The first example in the text is conflict, as shown in "The Masque of the Red Death" when the mysterious figure kills Prince Prospero after Prospero chases the mysterious figure through six rooms. The second example is the irony in the character 's names and description. "The Cask of Amontillado" shows this when Montresor kills Fortunato after chaining up and walling in Fortunato, making Fortunato 's death not very fortunate. The third example is the mood in the stories. "The Tell-Tale Heart" shows the dark mood emphasis through most of the story which is normally at the end of Poe 's short stories and poems. The final example of similarities in this essay is symbolism. Symbolism is shown in all three, and the example of this is the ebony clock in "The Masque of the Red Death" showing the passing of time.
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