Edgar Allan Poe Biography

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Edgar Allan Poe is a Boston born native to Massachusetts. An orphan by age two, Poe was separated from his two siblings, William Henry and Rosalie, and sent to live with John and Fanny Allan. Poe’s young life was ordinary. At the age of 6, Poe and the Allan family moved to England for John’s expanding business. Poe was separated from his new family to attend schools in Scotland and Chelsea, England. He was unhappy and bitter about being abandoned in his later years. The Allan’s business failed and their debt increased to an unimaginable level. The Allan family and Poe returned to America in 1820. After the death of John Allan’s uncle, the inheritance was able to soothe their debt. As a teen, Poe attended Clarke Academy which is where he began his love of poetry and literature. Poe went on to excel in athletics and academics, all the while never being legally adopted by his guardians. Poe attended the University of Virginia in Charleston and ran into his own debt. His relationship with John became increasingly difficult and eventually came to physical confrontation after the death of Fanny, Poe’s beloved maternal figure. Poe left in 1827 to join the army. In 1830 he began at West Point Military Academy, only to be court martialed a year later. Upon leaving West Point, Poe left to live with his extended family in Baltimore Maryland. This family consisted of his aunt Maria, and two cousins Henry and Virginia. During his time of staying with his aunt “Muddy” and his two cousins, Poe lost his old guardian John Allan and also his oldest brother Henry. In 1835 he began working for the Southern Literary Messenger. His first short story, "Metzengerstein" was published in 1836. In May of that year, Poe and his 14 year old cousin Virginia Cl... ... middle of paper ... ...ious literary elements are used to bring dimension into the writing. The plot covers a variety of topics. The exposition is the basically the opening of the story. It tells the reader what the setting is, creates tone, introduces characters and presents the facts pertaining to the plot. In the exposition the reader finds that the basic plot is that of a revenge. Montresor believes Fortunado has insulted him and therefore vows revenge by murdering him. The reader knows that it is the carnival season which is known as a festive time. The tone is clearly one that is ominous. Poe also uses foreshadowing in his writing. By speaking about the masons, commenting on the damp catacombs and how it may cause Fortunado illness he allows the reader to predict the plot of the murder. Next, the reader begins to be introduced to the characters and their personalities shine through.
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