Eddie in A View From the Bridge by Arhtur Miller

Eddie in A View From the Bridge by Arhtur Miller The character of Eddie is linked to historical context by the poverty in Europe, the immigration into America and the Italian 'Man of The house' profile. The American Dream tells us about why the immigrants are coming to America, The American Dream believed in plenty of jobs, money and Streets paved with gold. "But as long as you owe them money they'll get you plenty of work" The reality is different, A view from the bridge tells us that there were a lot of jobs available but only if you were paying someone back and if you weren't "you'll have to scrounge like the rest of us" you'll have to search for them. This shows us the deeper side of Eddie as he seems to know all the rules and can see that the system is unfair. "You guys all are alright - till you pay them off that is" Again Eddie seems to know it all, and shows of his 'man of the house persona'. Also the fact that Arthur Miller has written this based on a true story and that he has under-written it so well, tell us that all the may not be as it seems. Another part of the American dream is the idea of 'settling for half', this was the realization that the America was not a land of dream jobs an opportunity, it was a harsh place were if you owed people money then you could always get a job but otherwise you would have to search for one, 'setting for half' was the fact life in America was not great but better than their lives in their home country. Arthur Miller uses stage direction to show the Under-written side of the story "He is effected by her, but smiles his emotion away" Eddie is showing emotions about Catherine but as he can't have feeling due to his role as 'man of the house' he has to hide them and get on with his life. Arthur Miller uses this to enhance the on stage performance using
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