Early Language Learning Essay

Abstract: Teaching young children how to speak a second language is good for their minds, studies show that the early years are recognized as the foundation years for children's development. In the first six years children develop their first language and cultural identity and during these early years that children build up their knowledge of the world around them. That's why it's important to teach children a second language at an early age.

Introduction: These day's it's important to have more than one language, the world has become one small village so the communication became important such as language. To learn or teach a second language you need to start at early age's because studies shows that learning
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From this point lies the importance of this research, schools even parents should start early to learn or teach English.
'' Benefits of Early Language Learning:
- Brain research indicates that children are at an optimal age for language learning
- Early language learners have the ability to develop native-like pronunciation.
- Early language learning leads to denser brain development and higher cognitive ability
- Children who receive instruction in two languages typically score higher on standardized tests.
- Universities prefer or require students to demonstrate proficiency in a second language
-. Bilingualism offers career opportunities to individuals and is crucial to the economic success.
- Languages help children develop cultural understanding to live in a multi-lingual society.''(Academy Road
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What're the benefits of early learning ?
Research Methodology : The technique used in this research is the interview , I asked agroup of teachers,parents and children 10 question. I divided them in to 2 groups , the first group use the early learning and teach technique and the seconde group learn and teach English since fourth grad (10 years and up). The first group noticed that the children memorize faster than the second group,
The children in the second group are mor social and active in english than the second group ,the teachers and parents in the first group had ease in teaching English to children than the second group. At the end of the interview I asked the children to pronounce few words ,
The children in first group has much better pronounce than the second group. 70% of there answers confirms that early learning is mutch better.

Ethical considerations : The participants(10 teachers-10 parents-10children) in this research will be given the same questions(10 question) except the children ,the interview will be
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